Dr. Mahboob Thaha Poem

Dwelling place is the environment
Of all the creatures of nature
Guided are their lives
By the facilities nature provided
Protection they get from the environment
Is necessary for their nourishment
Like a mother, it looks after
Like a father, it takes care
God’s miracles are viewed in it
Denial of which it is impossible
Awareness it gives to men
Who think and wonder about life
But as time moves, the age
Subjected is the environment to change
Digging ground, it has become
To the excavators of luxury
Thrusting is man’s mind
For development and progress
Forgetting God’s boon to mankind
Blind-folded man marches forward
To the destruction of the environment
And the extinction of life on earth
But let man be reminded
Of the common natural phenomenon
Reaction for every action
Is inevitable in the laws of nature
Movement beyond the law is impossible
Judgment will be the result if he does
So let the slogan be raised
To save the environment and save life

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