Sumaiya Tapadar Poem

This is Mother Earth with all her glory
O Earth! Where do you stand today?
With the incessant degeneration
I know you have your head hung low in dismay

Cutting down trees for a concrete jungle
O, what folly do we ourselves entangle
And with modernity we try to mingle
Oh the amount of natural resources do we wangle

With gargantuan industries spewing out their exhaust
With rivers and oceans spluttering with waste
We have lots of humans but our humanity is so far lost
A generation of people who say, ‘What’s the haste?’

The world is transforming at a rapid pace
With rising technology and heaps of e-waste
Nations today are caught up in a rat race
For producing more radioactive waste

We are the new generation of selfdom
With lots of good knowledge but less wisdom
Always feeling lethargic
Then when will we be energetic?

There are some who say let’s be environmentalists
And some who say let’s be capitalists
Earth today is subject to exploitation
Giving rise to environmental degradation

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