The Knowledge-River

Shamsurrab Khan Poem

A river here flows, with knowledge it glows;
Connected with source, eternal in force;
Lying between us, invites us thus;
Drink its water, replete with power;
Panacea for ail, turning faces pale;
Strength for the weak, having fate bleak;
Arm of downtrodden, having hands frozen;
Asset for penniless, having days merciless;


The nation that lost, glory of past;
The nation that slips, from acme to abyss;
Advised to renounce, every other fuss;
sit under shade, like an obedient lad;
Shade of tree, knowledge for free;
wear dedication, on sleeves of devotion;


The wheel shall turn, the fortune shall churn;
The dark shall be bright, the wrong shall be right;
The fallen shall rise, the power shall surmise;
The knowledge is might, the knowledge is height;


Discard all doubt, drown all shout;
Peel off ego, let shame go;
forsake cloth, of apathy and sloth;
Jump into knowledge-river, submerge in it forever;
You’ll have an end, defying every end:
Robe of divinity, Abode of eternity!

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